R+Co’s Formula for Better Hair Care

Would you buy your hair care products – your shampoo, conditioner, treatments, sprays, mousses, and other styling agents – from a company that leveraged over a century of experience from a combined pool of salon stylists?

What about a company that placed the experience at the heart of the product? A company whose hair care formulas delivered unique fragrances, even the packaging of which, delivered a completely unique experience that evoked a sense of place, attitude, or feeling?

If so, you’re either already an R+Co customer or you should be one. Here’s what you need to know.

Protection from Heat and UV Damage
R+Co creates a wide range of hair care treatments and styling products including but not limited to shampoos, dry shampoo powders, conditioners, mists, flexible hairsprays, cleansers, and oil complexes, crafted with nourishing natural ingredients such as flaxseed extract, chia seed extract, red algae extract, rice protein, witch hazel, and rosemary extract, castor oil, and other powerful botanicals.

These ingredients are intended to restore strengthening proteins, protect against oxidative stresses, restore moisture and safeguard against moisture loss, and bolster hair against brittleness, splitting, and breakage.

Their collection of hair care products is specifically designed to protect against heat and UV damage that can desiccate hair, leaving it looking dull, dry, brittle, and prone to breaking and other damage.

What’s Not in R+Co’s Formulas: Just As Important as What Is
R+Co’s powerhouse formulations are defined very much by what is not in them – as much as by what is.

For instance, all of their formulations are color-safe, heat and UV-protective, vegan, cruelty, and gluten-free.

But their formulations also notably lack many of the suspected harmful substances that are all-too-common in hair care and skin care.

R+Co’s formulas are all made without parabens (often included as synthetic fragrances) sulfates such as SLS and SLES, and without the petrolatum or mineral oil that can actually exacerbate dry skin and hair conditions in the long run.

R+Eco and R+Co Bleu
In addition to R+Co’s classic line of hair care products, the company has also expanded with R+Eco and R+Co Bleu.

R+Eco is R+Co’s answer to the ongoing environmental crises that plague our Earth. Their R+Eco formulations are Leaping Bunny certified, 100% vegan, gluten and cruelty-free, and made without ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, and mineral oil.

Notably, R+Eco’s packaging also upholds a goal of using a minimum of 55% PCR (post-consumer resource) materials while also cutting back on the use of virgin materials and fossil fuels.

R+Co has also expanded with R+Co Bleu, a line that has been inspired by the drive to set trends with an artist’s eye for innovative formulations, and sustainable yet discerning packaging. Look for it where you can find R+Co hair care products.

Where Can You Find R+Co Hair Care Formulas?
Interested in learning more about R+Co’s unique formulations and where you can find them? Visit Beauty Sense online at BeautySense.ca. They carry a huge collection of skincare, hair care, beauty, and wellness products, including R+Co’s and countless other products and brands.

Visit their website to learn more about their offerings or get in touch with them by phone or email at 1-855-922-3636 or Info@BeautySense.ca.

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