This Is the Reason to Buy a Reversible Mink Coat

Forget what you have learned about the utility of a reversible mink coat with respect to fashion. Sure, you get two looks for the price of one, which will expand the versatility of your wardrobe and allow you to execute multiple aesthetics with the same garment.

That may be true, but that value is incidental to the true value of reversible fur jackets.

The reason explored here is the real reason that, if you wear fur, a reversible coat is a wise option, and wildly practical.

It’s a Hedge Against Inclement Conditions!
Here’s what you need to know. A reversible mink coat is its own insurance policy against some aspects of uncertainty.

Namely, against the weather – and we all know how weather can flip on a dime, especially in most areas of the country during the winter months, when you’d actually be wearing a fur coat, anyway.

Unless you’re in the desert southwest (where it can still get pretty cold in the winter, at night, anyway) then you know how rapidly a day can turn from bright to blustery.

Sleet, snow, rain, and hail can spell doom for a fur coat. You’ll be warm, sure, but one thing you never want to do with a fur coat is let it get wet, at least if you can help it.

Well, some reversible mink coats have a reverse side of water-repellent polyester (or other fabrics, for that matter).

If you’re ever out wearing yours, and the weather takes a turn for the less-than-pleasant, you can always just flip it around to protect it against the elements, provided your mink fur coat has a water-repellent reverse side.

And now, why is this such a big deal?

Why Does That Matter?
Let us not forget that fur is a naturally produced material. Fur is a part of a pelt, which is a natural skin that is absorbent and prone to decay if not properly cared for. If the coat’s leather (pelt) or liner gets damaged, it can “malt” or drop fur.

One of the easiest ways to damage a fur coat is to allow it to get soaked and not take it to a fur care specialist. In fact, it’s best not to let it get soaked in the first place.

If the coat does get wet, the pelt and liner can warp, crack, discolor, or dry out, which will cause damage over time. In addition, if you damage the liner or pelt, there is a better chance your coat will drop fur, too, which damage is irreversible.

It’s better just to protect your coat and not to allow it to get wet in the first place – and a reversible mink coat is the most straightforward protection against that.

Where Can You Get a Reversible Mink Coat?
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