The Buyer’s Guide to Sirona: Panoramic, Cephalometric, and CBCT Machines

Sirona is synonymous with high-quality, dependable dental X-ray machines and other products for dental professionals. Dental practices that own Sirona dental equipment know that it is one of the highest quality, most reliable, and user-friendly brands in dental imaging.

With a large family of extraoral imaging units, Sirona panoramic, cephalometric, and CBCT machines are found in over 100,000 dental offices around the world. Their extensive experience with meeting the needs of all types of dental and specialty practices has helped them design products to meet any clinical need.

Panoramic: Sirona Orthophos XG5 Panorex
For a wide range of panoramic programs, consider the Sirona Orthophos XG5. This model is the current generation panorex machine from Sirona, upgraded from the previous generation XG3.

This Sirona panoramic unit was designed to be Sirona’s baseline panoramic X-ray machine. With a low entry price, dental professionals can get started with digital panoramic imaging, which can be upgraded with a cephalometric module at any time. The XG5 works well for a variety of dental and specialty exams. However, if you’re looking for cone beam compatibility, you’ll want to consider the next system on our list.

For more information on the Sirona XG5, read the complete article: Sirona XG5 FAQs.

Cephalometric: Sirona Orthophos XG 3D Ready + Ceph
If you’re looking to start with a reliable, high-quality pan/ceph machine and later upgrade to a medium FOV cone beam, the Sirona Orthophos XG Ready might be the perfect choice for you. Like the XG5, this machine is also available with or without the ceph attachment to better configure to your imaging needs.

The XG 3D Ready system features the widest range of panoramic and cephalometric dental X-ray programs including standard, pediatric, sinus, TMJ, thick layer anterior, multi-slice posterior, and optional bitewing views as well as cephalometric scans for orthodontic work. Both units also include a pediatric mode for reduced radiation for children. Since they are TWAIN compatible, these 2D images can be imported into just about any dental practice management or imaging software.

Cone Beam/CBCT: Sirona XG 3D
The Sirona XG 3D combines panoramic imaging with cone beam CT. Available with medium field of view cone beam (up to 8x8cm), the XG 3D can support nearly any panoramic application including pediatric, TMJ, sinus, and more while giving you 3D capability as well. Automatic patient positioning in its panoramic modality provides improved resolution and more accurate scans.

With the Sirona XG 3D, you can also capture high-quality 3D images in standard or high-definition mode of 100 µm for extra precision. There is a smaller 5x5cm 3D FOV for focused field of view exams such as single implants and endodontics, and a medium 8x8cm 3D FOV that captures both the maxilla and mandible for full arch applications.

Your 2D images can easily integrate into current practice management and imaging software with the TWAIN interface. The Sirona XG 3D can also integrate with CEREC systems allowing for streamlined patient care.

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