How Old Do You Have to Be to Play Airsoft or Participate in Airsoft Events? [and Other Questions]

Whether you’re just poking around the web because you’re interested in getting started playing airsoft or are a parent looking for answers, here are a few things you need to know about this great sport. 

Let’s start with age requirements for airsoft events.

Legal Requirements and Airsoft Event Rules for Age
Legally, there is no rule in the United States regarding age requirements for airsoft players. Airsoft guns are not federally classified as firearms so anyone can own them and play. 

However, other states and jurisdictions might have their own rules, so be cognizant of that. 

Nevertheless, it is the airsoft field or the organizer of the airsoft event that sets requirements for the age of play. For instance, many fields require underage participants to have a waiver signed by a legal guardian. Others require players under the age of 18 to have full face protection. 

Still, as a general rule, people of all ages can play. Consult a specific airsoft event or MilSim venue for additional details.

Other Common Airsoft Event Regulations? 
While there are not as many age requirements for playing airsoft as you might think, there are some common rules that are regularly observed on airsoft fields. 

For instance, it is often a requirement that airsoft guns be transported to and from the airsoft field in a case or bag, and that the barrels be covered outside the play area. Most airsoft fields also have rules against firing outside the play area or in designated safe zones. 

Blind firing and aggressive physical contact are also often barred from airsoft events by the organizers as these can cause injuries and confusion that just generally ruin everyone’s good time.

Again, these rules are set by the organizer or by the airsoft field, but they are some of the more common regulations and bits of etiquette that all players should observe. 

What Do You Need to Play Airsoft? 

If you’re interested in playing airsoft, you won’t just need to become familiar with the rules of the event. You’ll also need to make sure you have everything you need. Start with the following checklist:
● Main airsoft gun (such as an AEG, LMG, SMG, or sniper rifle)
● Sidearm (typically a gas blowback pistol (GBB airsoft pistol)
● Airsoft ammo (BBs) and a speedloader
● Spare magazines, batteries, and gas 
● A tactical vest to organize it all
● Eye protection or full face protection
● Heavy pants, gloves, and other protective clothing
● Supportive, protective footwear
● Field gear (a knife, a shovel, firestarters, lighters, camping equipment)

Many airsoft events have very strict requirements for what you can carry, how powerful your airsoft gun can be, and even for the type of uniform, you can wear. Since most events involve two or even three teams, event organizers may require teams to wear specific camouflage patterns or uniforms.

Where Can You Get Airsoft Guns and Tactical Gear 
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