How to Make Your Link Cosplay Stand Out

Link is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. The green-clad, mute elf is the main protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series, usually seen rescuing Princess Zelda when she is kidnapped from Hyrule. In each game, Link must obtain a certain magical item – or items – to become strong enough to defeat the bad guy and get Zelda back to safety.

It’s no wonder that Link is such an iconic character. He has been around since the first game came out in 1986 (or 87 in the United States). Throughout the last few decades, the games have gone through a lot of updates and upgrades and changes. But Link’s appearance has remained relatively the same, making it easy to identify the heroic elf.

If you’re looking to cosplay Link, there are some important things you’ll need if you want to fully embody this hero.

Green Hat
The first thing most people notice about Link is his green, pointy hat! The green cap goes around his head and then hangs off the back, tapering near the end. You’ll see a variety of options online, from plain wool caps that are as smooth as it looks in-game to ones that are crochet or sewn by artists on Etsy.

Blonde Hair
Underneath Link’s hat is his blonde hair, which is often shown as being a bit shaggy. It’s shorter in the front, usually swiped to one side, and then longer in the back. Once in a while Link’s hair has appeared brunette but he’s almost always been depicted with blonde hair in most of the games.

Elf Ears
Another major identifier is Link’s pointed ears. With his hair partially tucked behind them, they are quite prominent. The ears are also an indication of Link’s race and identity.

The Legend of Zelda Link sword is a must in any cosplay. His sword is known as the Master Sword, featuring triforce symbols and runes on the blade and a blue and gold sheathe. If you’re looking for a realistic replica of the sword, Ice Imports has an identical option that’s just as detailed as the one in the game. The quality replica has a stainless steel blade with laser-etched symbols and a faux leather wrapped handle with metal fittings.

If you want to make the cosplay even more complete, Ice Imports also has the Hylian shield. It can be hung on a wall or worn on your arm thanks to a reversible handle, velcro strap, and hanging chain. The details are straight out of the classic Zelda games, making your cosplay complete.

Green Tunic
Matching Link’s hat is a forest-green tunic. The tunic is a bit on the longer side with large capped sleeves. A brown belt and strap completes the look, giving Link his adventurous and independent spirit. His tunic turns to a sky blue in Breath of the Wild, another great look for a convention.

Brown Boots
Link’s brown boots are another iconic staple of his classic appearance. They are leather in appearance with tops that fold over. A lot of artists on Etsy have replica brown boots that actually fit over your existing shoes so you can comfortably walk around a con with ease.

If you’re looking to be Link at your next convention, you definitely need to consider a Legend of Zelda Link sword, cap, tunic, and ears. When combined, you will take on the look of the popular Nintendo character, ready to save the day.

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