Top Universities for MS in Computer Science in Canada

Canada is not only one of the most sought-after countries in the world but also one of the most friendly ones. International students from all over the world get easy access to Canadian universities for doing these kinds of programs. Having such an opportunity in a country with a world-class education system is a fortune. Canada is home to multiple top-tier universities that are famous around the globe. Having a Canadian MS degree in computer science sure comes with many perks. Computer science is one of the most diverse and exceptional masters, and paired with universities in Canada; it makes it even better.

Why Canada for MS in Computer Science?

Among many things, Canada has world-class universities, plus the country is extremely welcoming to international students. One of the major reasons why students prefer Canada for higher education is their visa process and lifestyle. The visa application procedure in Canada is pretty smooth, and immigration is more accessible. In addition, the community and environment are extremely nice, and Canada has the lowest crime rates among all top educational countries.

Academics is also one of the things to notice in Canada. Most top universities have specialised computer science departments to offer dedicated education. Many masters in computer science from Canada are ranked in the top MSCS programs globally. The industry there also packed a lot to offer. Records show Canada is expected to see over 13% employment growth in computer science by 2026. Education and employment are so good in Canada that it is labelled as the ‘best investment to your future.’

MS in Computer Science From the Canada: Eligibility

Canada is a great country with a friendly environment and diverse, multicultural communities. But it does not mean you will be admitted to university there without effort. You must meet the official eligibility criteria to apply for a Canadian university. In general, these absolute requirements are not complex, and almost every undergraduate student is capable of arranging these.

These are the eligibility criteria you need to follow here –

  • a four-year undergraduate degree (or equivalent)
  • your academic transcripts (school reports, certificates etc.)
  • ID proof, passport and photographs
  • language test scores
  • non-refundable application fee

Before you even start applying for your master’s in computer science in Canada, you must ensure these things. However, after you complete every eligibility, know that your SOP, LORs and Essays will need extra care. These documents are asked directly by universities and are super important.

MS in Computer Science From the Canada: Fee Structure

Canada is a very efficient country both in terms of education and expenses. While the government has an extreme quality of education, it does not come with a big charge. Of course, the best universities in the country will charge more, but you can get top CS masters in Canada with justified rates. The average MSCS course fee in Canada is $35,000 (around 20 lakhs). Therefore, the cost of education in Canada is extremely viable, paired with one of the most prestigious universities worldwide.

The best thing about Canada is getting a master’s degree at affordable rates. For example, a master’s in computer science in Canada can be done for about 10 lakhs. There are good universities present in the country that offer such courses at such low rates. The return on investment (ROI) of Canadian master’s degrees is so good that it is compared with the USA and UK for the best ones.

Top Universities for MS in CS in Canada

Canadian universities are wonderful in every aspect. You can experience quality academics, a friendly environment, easy access to the country, nice jobs and career and many more things. With great diversity in lifestyle plus course options, knowing the top universities in Canada for a master’s in computer science is a must if you are applying for an MSCS program there.

Here are the top universities for MS in computer science in Canada:

1University of TorontoToronto
2University of British ColumbiaVancouver
3University of WaterlooWaterloo
4McGill UniversityMontreal
5Universite de MontrealMontreal
6University of AlbertaEdmonton
7Simon Fraser UniversityBurnaby
8Queen’s University at KingstonKingston
9University of CalgaryCalgary
10University of OttawaOttawa



Canadian universities are famous for offering many types of computer science courses. After you complete your MSCS there, you can proceed with many other short courses such as diplomas, pgs or graduate certificates. The computer science industry in Canada is immense and booming. The country is considered the favourite location for international students globally.

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