5 Snow Sports to Enjoy Outside Home with Family

Snow Sports

Winter days have arrived, bringing with them outdoor snow sports. Remember to practice safety first whether you’re traveling to the slopes, trails, ice skating rink, or backyard.

Is it too cold to go outside because it’s snowing? We also have several unique snow sports in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming, which are listed throughout. Finally, at the bottom of the list, you’ll find our favorite outdoor snow sports to enjoy outside with home and family.


There’s nothing like sliding down fresh snow on a sled if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful, safe slope nearby. Find a suitable slope and hit the hills with your tube or sled. This is a fun, safe activity that the whole family can do together for a few hours. Toddlers should ride with a parent for safety reasons and should be dressed in layers for warmth and foam inserts. Check out Legion Park in Sidney, Nebraska, which is close to Wheat Belt Public Power District, a member. This is an excellent place to go tubing and sledding. This collection of winter recreation activities in Sidney, as well as safety precautions, might help you learn more.

Ice Skating

At least one ice skating day is required during the winter months! For many Colorado residents, the ice-skating season is plentiful and takes place outside. Each winter, many resort communities, including Aspen, Crested Butte, Frisco, Pagoda Springs, and Durango, open a frozen pond or lake for ice skating. The majority of these rinks are fully open to the elements, although others are partially covered by a roof. Bring your own or rent a pair of ice skates. A day trip or weekend retreat to a neighboring village for ice skating is ideal for the whole family.

Although ice skating has a higher learning curve than snowshoeing, it is still a fantastic family winter sport. Even our two-year-old can skate owing to some incredible small double-bladed ice skates. There are a few tricks that we’ve learned to teach kids how to ice skate. To begin with, children will fall a lot. Let them know right away, so they understand that falling is natural. RedeemOnSports is an online outlet, where you can get reasonable ice skates for all age groups by using outdoor gear exchange coupon

Snow Shoeing

Snowshoeing is a great snow sport for families that enjoy hiking together. Snowshoeing through the woods may be a lot of fun for kids. Snowshoes for adults and children, as well as poles for youngsters as young as two, are available at many outdoor outlets. According to the trail, weather conditions, and your child’s ability level, poles are optional. Getting out in the outdoors for a snowy stroll is a terrific opportunity for everyone in your family to get some fresh air and exercise.


During the winter months, skiing is unquestionably a family favorite. Some children begin skiing at the age of three, but the best age is around the age of five, when children are more coordinated. Most ski resorts have “bunny slopes” for beginner skiers to learn on in a safe and easy manner. Granby Ski Resort is a fantastic family resort in Granby, Colorado. Our Mountain Parks Electric Association service region includes this resort.

Build A Snowman

Assembling a snowman has long been a favorite snow sport for both children and adults. Pick an animal or a favorite cartoon figure to recreate in the snow and have fun with it. Fun decorations like hats, eyeballs, and scarves can also be added. While you’re at it, make a snow angel!

Build an Igloo

There is nothing more enjoyable than building an igloo for boys and girls who enjoy forts. Visit Home Science Tools for safe instructions on how to construct an igloo. Have a snowball war once the fort is complete. Igloo is a fun-loving snow sport for every member of the family, but as for making it pocket-friendly activity. You can use aosom discount code for buying home science tools in reasonable prices. 

Hot Springs

Soak away your concerns at one of Colorado’s, New Mexico’s, Wyoming’s, or Nebraska’s many hot springs. The Jemez Hot Springs near Jemez Springs, New Mexico, is one of our personal favorites. It’s not only a beautiful area to relax with natural mineral springs, but it’s also surrounded by scenery of the Jemez mountains.

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